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A Few Easter Pics...

Our Sweet Allyson

Our sweet Allyson turned 5 in April. I can't believe it! Nor can I believe that she will be in Kindergarten in the fall! YIKES!

She was so excited to get a Nintendo DS & a Build-a-Bear game for her birthday!

After the Easter Egg hunt at Preschool...

Each year at Preschool, they have eggs in an incubator that the kids get to watch hatch & then they get the opportunity to hold them. Ally was very hesitant to hold them, but Mommy helped her and she really did well & ended up excited that she held one!

For some reason, Mommy doesn't quite trust this little guy alone with the chick!

Ally shares a birthday with a lady in our church, and to celebrate their birthday's, they went to the The Gilbertsville Tea Room. Ally had such a wonderful time and is still talking about it. She wants to take the whole family, although I'm not quite sure it's the place for our young family! Thank you, Lisa & Jenna...Ally will always have these fun memories!

Loving Technology!!!

My children have always loved technology, electronics, you name it....
and Anderson hasn't missed a beat.

For Anders' 1st Birthday, Grandma sent him a smart phone!

He loves it!

And He LOOOOVES Laptops!

...and I just had to sneak this one in of Daddy wrestling with the boys ~
I loves this smile (really giggles)!

Some Spring Break Fun!!!

This year we took a day the week of Spring Break & headed to the Please Touch Museum for a fun family day. The kids had such a great time....
Building a Fire

Our Pianoman...Anders!

Cooking Up Some Grub

Alice in Wonderland

My Baby is Growing Up!!!

Ready To Work Some Construction!

Grocery Shoppin'

Time to Check Out

Aidan, Ally & Abby


We're Alive!!!

Yes, we are alive! I know it's hard to believe...but we really haven't fallen off the face of the earth. I can tell you that I think about blogging every day, and for some reason or another it always gets pushed to the side & now 9 months later...here I am...finally blogging! I guess I really have a lot of catching up to do! There's so much to say, I don't know how I will ever catch up, but we'll see! :) I hope to be blogging a little more now!

We are all doing very well! Life with 4 kids within a span of 6 years is overwhelming! Don't get me wrong...I love every minute I have with my kiddos and am so thankful to God for entrusting us with these 4 very precious little lives. I think I feel overwhelmed the majority of the time & not sure how I'm going to get it all done in the amount of time there is to get things done, but I'm constantly learning & being reminded that my time spent with my kiddos is ultimately the most important. The past year definitely hasn't been an easy year for me as a wife & mom. Lots of learning & adjusting & growing, and I will forever be learning & adjusting & growing. I'm so thankful that God is patient with me & continues to guide me out of bed each morning reminding of the little lives that he has given me to take care of and to teach to follow & depend on Him. I've always thought and said, "God will never give me more than I can handle", but when I was pregnant with Anderson, I remember David preaching about this and he said "God can and will give us more than we can handle.....(ME: ahhhhhh! noooo!!) for us to learn to follow and depend on him fully!" This is so true....I don't think I will ever tell anyone again that God will not give them any more than they can handle....because He does....and I am a true picture of this. I could never have gone through this past year without His hand literally holding me up. He has definitely given me more than I can handle with 4 very young children, but I think He's wanted to see how I would handle it...would I turn to Him for help? Some days, yes...other days, not so well. I'm still learning & I'm still trying & am so thankful for a God Who understands & is patient with me & doesn't give up on me, despite all my mistakes!
Stay tuned....more updates to come!


Anderson Has Found His Tongue...

And so has Ally! :)